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Theory of evolution and parody of ethics

Science, in its inception the theory of evolution of life have had its tremendous in shaping human thoughts. 
To sum up, theory of evolution theorizes the natural preference for the small continuous variation and adaptive forms of life arising out of the struggle for existence.
To this date it cannot be called theory as there is no direct proof of it happening in nature; but it exists as notions based upon what are called ‘evidences’ which are themselves based upon inferences.
That is evolution cannot be proved by controlled laboratory experiments.
So we see this is more or less a philosophy or school of thought and the present writer won’t make comments on its legitimacy and the truth behind it, rather, he would first refer to the damages it has done to the humanity.
As evolution bases itself upon evidences, the implication of this so called theory of evolution on society and evidences of the spoils of this theory is so great that it has tremendously changed human life on earth in the most negative way.

Following are its implications:

NASDAP (Nazi) Ideology of race and space:
Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany is the fruit of theory of evolution that had been taught at school level in 19th and early 20th centuries. Nazism is a form of fascism that primarily bases itself on social Darwinism. Nazi had a firm conviction on the theory of evolution of species and they forwarded racial theory based upon this notion. According to National socialist doctrine; human beings are nothing but animals and as evolution is true for everyone, better and the fittest race would be selected by nature and others are liable to perish. On this ground they began indexing the various races based upon pseudoscientific notions of anthropometry.
Then they invented the Aryan race (which they claimed themselves to be its closest remnants), the Master race.
As a firm believer in theory of evolution Nazi adherents believed that perfect Aryans could be bred back from the Germans and other Nordic people just like they tried to breed back Auroches which unfortunately resulted in heck cattle.
Now breeding being a successful tool in shaping the fate of mankind they became more and more conservative towards the racial purity and marriages, therefore they vehemently began opposing interracial marriage between what they called Aryans and non-Aryans and subsequently codified the identification criteria of Aryan from Non-Aryan on the basis of numbering laws of 1933. On the other hand Germans and other Europeans who viewed Jews as aliens to their society for a long time, such measures, particularly the philosophic framework behind the reason for hatred had catapulted their hate towards physical extermination of the Jewish race.
Now if nature itself does not want the inferior race to thrive, how can humans (Aryans) wish the half apes (Jews and other races) to live on earth and thereby pollute the Aryan genetic code, therefore half apes must perish, they must die. But as because nature’s process of elimination of the weak race rather slow which can be destroying to the Aryan genes pool, man induced artificial survival of the fittest would be the next step; thus plans for Holocaust was drafted out and executed.
This Holocaust eliminated almost 5.5 millions of Jews, a million slaves and half a million Gypsies.
So, when you teach your child of sixth standard the theory of evolution, you are infusing in him the human-animal paradigm of thought that may let him take human beings as a cargo of flesh and who knows your son may become the future Hitler applying the evolutionary laws to the society cheapening human lives.
Education’s aim is to humanize man and defeat the inherent animal in human. Instead when education helps in reminding humans to be animals, none can remain safe because the fittest animal will render your survival as unfit.
In this line, concept of evolution led Hitler to launch the T-4 program for slaughtering the mental and physically handicaps so as to maintain the racial fitness in the face of the world for better evolution.
If you share the same ideology that handicapped and disables are to be liquidated then remember, if your son/daughter is turned into one such, don’t hesitate to award him/her a mercy death.

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